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Ben Freedman is a 22-year-old violist starting his master’s degree at the Peabody Conservatory. As a highly trained violist and aspiring music educator, his mission statement is to make a difference in the world with his music.


Ben has qualifications that make a well-rounded and versatile musician. Although only 22 years old, Freedman has been as a violist, music educator, and classical music advocate for the past ten years. Freedman participated in many nationally recognized orchestral and chamber programs within the last decade. Having opportunities performing with world class musicians and working with the highest-level conductors and instructors has only been a part of Freedman’s musical upbringing. Freedman’s orchestral background also includes extensive experience leading viola sections as principal as well as having performed concerti with different orchestras. In chamber settings, Ben has worked in prestigious venues with other high caliber musicians, paying meticulous attention to detail in the music making process. All this and more has been done at nationally recognized music festivals such as the Round Top Summer Institute and the Colorado College Summer Institute. Additionally, Freedman has performed in renowned concert halls such as David Geffen Hall, The Kennedy Center, and the Adrienne Arscht Center.


Freedman has abundant teaching experience, having taught private students, led group classes, and worked with local charter schools in outreach engagements. Music education is a truly lifechanging experience. Ben is extremely fortunate to have resources and mentorship provided to him throughout his musical upbringing and knows how important that is to pay forward. Freedman believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to let music change their lives and he is truly honored to help young kids find their passion.


Ben Freedman has dedicated many hours to developing his craft as a musician and hopes to be able to spread the love of music through performing and education alike.

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